IDB (Swiss) Bank Ltd has ceased business activities. In relation to any enquires or request you might have, please read carefully to below instructions:


Concerning accounts that migrated to Hyposwiss Private Bank Geneva. SA:
On 26th February 2016
IDB (Swiss) Bank Ltd transferred the majority of its private banking customers to Hyposwiss. If you became a client of Hyposwiss then we kindly ask you to send your e-mail to your relationship manager or known contact. In the event you do not know your relationship manager, please send an email to

Hyposwiss is responsible to provide you with any information pertaining the years prior to the transfer of the account*.


Concerning closed accounts that that did not migrate:
Following the wind-down of its business,
IDB (Swiss) Bank Ltd has formally delegated the handling of all banking data queries to Deloitte SA as its Data Agent. Deloitte SA can only respond to requests for information by receiving either a detailed letter or a completed “Request For Information (RFI)” (download link) document. In all cases the requests must be signed by the relevant account signatories.


Please kindly scan and send your letter/Request form and associated documents by email to


Please send a scanned and signed letter giving as much background on your request/enquiry as possible to


Requests are authenticated using the criteria of a bank communication. Deloitte SA will provide an initial response to a validated (authentic) request usually within 48 hours. The Data Agent service provided by Deloitte SA only operates using email and traditional post. If the Data Agent team is unable to authenticate your request they are legally not permitted to respond. If you believe you should have received a response please resend the request with further identifying data on a newly signed letter, including: information aiding identification such as postal addresses, email addresses and contact numbers (as would have been known to the Bank); passport, driving license copies; probate certificate with endorsement, etc.


*Working within the bounds and guidelines of the Swiss law, the data retention policy extends to ten calendar years, meaning data prior to the 1st of January 2009 is not available.